Two Students Awarded ‘Women in Science and Technology Scholarships’ to Support Educational Goals

NEW YORK, NY — August 31, 2020 –Watermark, a pioneer in educational intelligence, is pleased to announce the following recipients of its annual Watermark Scholars Program — Kristen Palmer — a student majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology — and Elise Ogden — a student majoring in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology and Chemistry at Bethel University. Both students submitted a scholarship application, answering the prompt: who or what has inspired you to pursue a career in STEM and what do you want to achieve upon graduation?, and were selected from an applicant pool of nearly 350 submissions.

“It was a TedTalk by Joy Buolamwini, a black woman and AI programmer, that opened my eyes to the power of an Ethical AI Programmer. It made me realize that in order for technologies to work for everyone, I need to actively participate in tech spaces and address the problems that impact my community. I’m excited to work with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning so that I can learn to combat the implicit biases that plague these fields. I hope that by pursuing this goal, I can make technology more equitable. I want to live in a world where technology can work as well for me as it does for anyone else, and I’m grateful to Watermark for the support in pursuing this goal,” said Palmer.

“For me, it was upon learning that I did not inherit Huntington’s disease, I felt called to serve people with neurodegenerative disorders in honor of my family members. I chose to study Biochemistry/Molecular Biology as a foundation for my interest in researching proteopathies, and had the opportunity to study neurological topics in biochemistry, genetics, and bioethics abroad at the University of Oxford. I am currently applying to return to Oxford for an MSc in Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience as a stepping stone to becoming a translational neurologist. I’m incredibly thankful for Watermark’s support,” commented Ogden.

Watermark Scholars is an annual program intended to provide financial opportunities to female college students pursuing STEM or other technology-related studies and careers. Both recipients received monetary support to help continue their education. This Watermark Scholars opportunity is an extension of the company’s broader women’s leadership initiative, Women at Watermark — designed to weave women’s empowerment into the very fabric of the organization and encourage the growth of women’s leadership through lifelong learning and professional development.

“We’re privileged to help support these women in furthering their education. We know that students are struggling to navigate the disruptions caused by COVID-19, including the shift to remote learning and financial strains. Amidst the current landscape, supporting students pursuing degrees and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) has tremendous future impact — especially in industries in which women are traditionally underrepresented. We look forward to launching our 2021 scholarships at the end of this year,” said Lisa Wright, VP of Market Intelligence & Strategic Partnerships and Women at Watermark Steering Committee Chair.

Watermark works to foster a culture of equal opportunity and that includes the growth of women’s leadership opportunities, especially in STEM. To learn more, visit

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