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Watermark empowers institutions to engage educators and students with better data to improve learning in every corner of campus.

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Solutions for every program

Our comprehensive solutions give colleges and universities a centralized approach to managing institutional improvement efforts, and helps academic and non-academic departments engage students in their learning and close the loop on course and program assessment.

Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment Planning

Improve how you manage assessment with a comprehensive solution that adapts and scales with your institution’s needs. Streamline your planning efforts, promote transparency and engagement, and help drive ongoing improvements.

Accreditation Management

Move beyond compliance to advance student learning and demonstrate effectiveness at every institutional level. From one central system, you can manage improvement efforts more proactively to prepare for regional and specialized accreditation.

Institutional Research

Centralized Documentation

Easily share data and analysis with key stakeholders to support program review, assessment, accreditation, and strategic planning institution-wide.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage assessment and outcomes data more effectively to support strategic plans and action items for institutional improvement.

Educator Preparation

Student Management

Promote intentional learning and assess student progress both in and outside of the classroom. With one central system, you can manage applications, key assessments, transition points, and portfolios—as well as student placements, internships, field experience, and observational assessments.

Accreditation & Reporting

Take a more systematic approach to collecting, analyzing, and documenting program and unit-wide assessments. This gives you a better way to evaluate student performance and program effectiveness in alignment with state reporting requirements and CAEP standards.

General Education

Outcomes Assessment

Streamline assessment of your institution’s general education outcomes, whether you’re sampling across courses or assessing all students. With powerful reporting, you can analyze better data to gauge learning outcomes achievement and inform changes to your core curriculum.

Quality Enhancement Plan

Support your institution’s QEP efforts with a simpler path to meaningful assessment. Get to outcomes-based data quickly with a variety of user-friendly tools for collecting, measuring, and reporting on Gen Ed outcomes achievement.


Clinical & Field Placements

Coordinate placements and evaluate practice behaviors from one central home on campus. This approach gives you a better way to document placements, log observational assessments, and track candidate hours in the field.


Get a broader view of the student experience with highly customizable ePortfolios. You can assess competencies and track progress toward program goals—as well as manage applications, key assessments, and advisement—all in one place.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Field Experience

Improve experiential learning with a more systematic approach to assessment. Centralizing your field experience processes allows you to manage candidate placements, clinical practice behaviors, and field coursework more effectively.


Gain a more complete view of student performance with ePortfolios customized for your program. These highly-flexible tools let you organize coursework, log assessments, and track hours more easily in one user-friendly system.

Psychology & Counseling

Clinical & Field Placements

Streamline your management of experiential learning activities. With a centralized solution, you can observe students in the field, evaluate clinical practice, document assessment data, and generate specialized reports on placements.

Student Management

Improve student experiences with a holistic solution for managing applications, key assessments, and transition points. Easily generate specialized reports to analyze candidate achievement of intended program outcomes.

Social Work


Leverage ePortfolios to promote richer learning experiences. Coordinate field placements, evaluate practice behaviors, and track field hours more easily with digital portfolios customized for your program.

Specialized Accreditation

Take a more systematic approach to assessment to address state-specific licensure and certification requirements for CSWE. Standardizing your processes gives you better visibility into student progress and program outcomes achievement.


Experiential Learning

Advance assessment and facilitate learning both on and off campus from a user-friendly system with centralized access to the data you need. This gives you a more systematic way to manage clinical practice hours, field placements, and onsite assessments.

Student Management

Engage students in the assessment process to promote holistic learning experiences. Support their success from admission to graduation with one central system for managing applications, key assessments, and advisement.


Outcomes Assessment

Assess program quality more effectively using multiple measures to gauge learning. With flexible options and user-friendly tools, you can easily collect student work across courses for simple rubric-based scoring and reporting of outcomes-based data.

Specialized Accreditation

Take a more systematic approach when preparing for your next accreditation visit. Centralizing your assessment processes helps you analyze and report on program activities more clearly against AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE standards.

Support for Everyone on Campus

Watermark solutions empower everyone in your campus community with better data for better learning. Our systems are tailored to address the needs of institutional leaders, department chairs, IT professionals, faculty members, and students—and come with dedicated support, helpful guides, and practical guidance to help key stakeholders engage in meaningful assessment practices.

Institutional Leadership

Institutional Effectiveness

Engage in a more intentional approach to learning and development with a comprehensive system designed to adapt and grow with your campus' needs. Close the loop on student learning, demonstrate institutional effectiveness, and show continuous improvement over time with a consistent framework.

Strategic Planning

Easily align outcomes and objectives at all levels to your mission and strategic goals and track progress across your institution. Organize environmental scans, assessment results, and other evidence to inform strategic plans for continuous institutional improvement.

Deans & Chairs

Program Assessment

Centralize and scale your assessment process with an integrated solution for organizing documentation and measuring learning. Standardizing your approach gives you a more sustainable way to engage stakeholders, provide clear guidance, and manage program requirements.

Actionable Insights

Analyze student performance by learning outcome or standard, and organize documentation to show evidence of program effectiveness. Improve data collection, analysis, and reporting at course, program, and unit levels to better evaluate effectiveness, meet accreditation demands, and improve student learning.

IT Professionals

Systems Integration

We work closely with you to ensure your Watermark system is configured to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Our compatibility with other campus systems enables smooth implementation and automated data collection from other sources.

Unparalleled Support

Rest easy with technical support for every user on campus. Our online library of resources includes detailed user guides, quick tutorials, how-to videos, and helpful FAQs. Email and phone assistance is also available to ensure all users get the product support they need.


Student Engagement

Customize ePortfolios to design assessments and assignments around your class activities, encouraging students to engage at a deeper level. Digital portfolios give you a variety of user-friendly, highly-flexible tools that let you create personalized student experiences that enrich learning.

Student Performance

Get a clearer view of how your students are performing with a user-friendly system for scoring and reporting student work. Flexible collection methods, interactive reports, and a mobile-friendly design streamline your evaluations and shed valuable light on what’s actually happening with student learning.


Academic Portfolios

Keep track of program requirements, organize coursework, and document milestones over time with course and program portfolios. Flexible customization options let you easily curate your ePortfolio with experiences that encourage reflection on what you’ve learned.

Professional Showcases

Highlight your accomplishments and publish samples of your best work in professional ePortfolios. With customizable features and built-in sharing options, you can easily showcase your achievements with others long after graduation.

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