Taskstream Announces Investment from Quad Partners to Deepen and Broaden Assessment and Accreditation Solutions for Colleges and Universities

The financing will help Taskstream fulfill its core mission to help institutions of higher education measure student learning outcomes and competencies and use that critical data to inform improvements at all levels.

– August 2, 2016 — Taskstream, the leading provider of learning outcomes assessment technology and accreditation solutions for higher education, announced an investment by Quad Partners, a private investment firm focused exclusively on education, to deepen and broaden the company’s offerings.

“The value of a college degree is under more scrutiny than ever before,” said Taskstream CEO Kevin Doyle. “It isn’t enough for institutions to retain and graduate students. They need to ensure – and demonstrate – that their students have the knowledge and skills to thrive in an increasingly complex, dynamic global society. We focus on providing the highest-quality software and supporting services to help institutions engage in intentional learning outcomes assessment, which we believe is a powerful way for institutions to monitor and improve learning quality.”

The financing from Quad will enable Taskstream to grow the company’s offerings and continue to meet the evolving needs in higher education for new and better ways to measure, demonstrate, analyze and, ultimately, improve student learning.

“We have been observing Taskstream as they have established their leadership providing assessment management and e-portfolio solutions over the years,” said James Tieng, a Principal at Quad Partners. “From our research and conversations with the institutions they support, it is clear that Taskstream is well-positioned to help institutions navigate the difficult challenge of ensuring student preparedness into the future.”

With this investment, Taskstream remains focused on its goal to empower colleges and universities as they engage in meaningful learning outcomes assessment and use learning outcomes data to inform improvements at all levels.

About Quad Partners
Quad Partners was founded in 2000 to make value-added private investments in the education industry. Today, Quad is one of the most active investors in privately-owned education companies in the United States.  Visit www.quadpartners.com to learn more.

About Taskstream
Taskstream partners with institutions of higher education and national associations to improve student learning and institutional quality with proven, reliable, and user-friendly assessment management and e-portfolio solutions and supporting services. For more information, visit www.taskstream.com.