Taskstream Extends Market Leadership with Summer ’09 Release

NEW YORK (August 12, 2009) — Taskstream announced the release today of the latest versions of its industry-leading, Web-based solutions to promote continuous improvement for outcomes-based learning through assessment management, e-portfolios and accreditation support tools, including a new streamlined interface in version 7.0 of its Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) by Taskstream. The advances come as the result of extensive consultation with current users and the application of industry best practice in usability design.

The site design has been updated with a cleaner look that provides a more intuitive interface and more working space throughout. These site-wide improvements to the LAT enable users to find what they need and complete their work faster and easier. Within hours of launching the upgraded site, students and faculty alike began complimenting the improved ease-of-use.

“As with all of our product releases, we took great care to address the needs and desires of our clients. With this launch, in particular, we really have to thank our current users for working alongside us, expressing their suggestions and reviewing our prototypes, in order to put forth this new, improved version of the LAT,” said Kevin Doyle, Chairman and CEO of Taskstream. “We are grateful to have such a passionate user-base that values the functionality offered by our tools and is committed to assisting in our own continuous improvement efforts.”

In addition to the improvements to the LAT, the Summer ’09 release offers enhancements to the company’s Accountability Management System (AMS) by Taskstream, which provides a centralized means for efficiently planning and managing assessment, accreditation and strategic planning processes at various levels throughout an institution.

New benefits offered with this release include:

  • Improved content editing: An inline content editor provides all users with more screen real estate to add text, images, slideshows, attachments, videos, rubrics, form-based content, and more.
  • Greater access control: More refined permission levels provide institutions with greater control over “who sees what” in Taskstream, making it even easier to meet varied needs and maintain specific processes.
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities: Taskstream is always improving the reporting features available in its offerings and this release is no exception. With improved reporting features, institutions can access and analyze the information they need more readily and make decisions more efficiently.

Taskstream releases new versions of its products at least twice a year, consistently innovating to meet the continuous improvement, assessment, accountability, and e-portfolio needs of its growing user base. Because the company’s solutions are Web-based and centrally managed, these semiannual upgrades do not require downloading and installing patches or any other technical work on the part of Taskstream’s client institutions and individual subscribers. Updates are available immediately and at no extra cost to the over 500 institutions and hundreds of thousands of individuals working with Taskstream around the world.

Courtney Peagler
Vice President of Strategic and Business Development
(212) 868-2700

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