Watermark Announces New Product Names to Reflect Product Suite Vision, Focus, and Impact: Insights Inspire Progress

Austin, TX – July 14, 2021 – Watermark, a leading higher education insights software provider, announced today the launch of new product names for core products within the Watermark Product Suite. The new product names support alignment with Watermark’s vision of Insights Inspire Progress.

At Watermark’s Annual Engage Conference in June 2021, the higher education software company engaged with more than 600 attendees from over 500 higher educational institutions to embrace the full meaning and impact of their vision. “Insights Inspire Progress is much more than a tagline, it’s at the center of everything we do,” stated CEO Erin Shy, who joined the company in November 2020. She continued, “With the new product names, we clearly articulate each product’s purpose, to reflect our clients’ point of view and how they’re useful, and communicate our focus and commitment for ongoing product development and innovation.”

Watermark’s Chief Product and Technology Officer Darren Bauer Kahan, who also joined Watermark in November, introduced and previewed the launch of the new product names at Engage 2021 with Watermark VP of Product, Brian Robinson, and detailed the “why and how” for them. Through a highly collaborative review process, Watermark chose the new product names because they:

  • Crystallize and clearly articulate each product’s purpose, reason for being and value proposition
  • Reflect our clients’ points-of-view and language used to describe why and how they’re useful
  • Communicate our focus and commitment for ongoing development and innovation

View our new branding video here.

“We’re excited about the clarity of purpose and proud of the client focus and commitment to the User Experience that the new product names convey,” said Kahan. “The launch process will be iterative, and include a strategic rollout plan and bridge period to transition to the new product names, minimize the impact on end users, and allow enough time to transition support materials,” added Robinson.

About Watermark
At Watermark, Insights Inspire Progress. Watermark’s software gives higher education institutions the insights they need to improve, evolve, and empower student success. Watermark’s integrated digital solutions support assessment and accreditation, faculty activity reporting, course evaluation and surveys, and catalog and curriculum development for more than 1,700 higher education institutions around the world.

Mary Anne Connolly
PR Consultant

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