Watermark’s Innovative CV Imports Feature Reduces Data Entry Time by 80% for Faculty

With patent-pending technology, Watermark gives faculty a quicker way to enter Curriculum Vitae information for more accurate, comprehensive faculty activity reporting and better-informed faculty review, promotion and tenure decisions.

NEW YORK— April 14, 2020 – Watermark, a pioneer in educational intelligence, announced the release of its CV Imports feature today, which uses innovative patent-pending technology to automate the process of entering a faculty member’s Curriculum Vitae information into Watermark’s faculty activity reporting solution. Easy to use and faster than any other in-market option, the company’s CV Imports feature was designed to significantly reduce the data-entry burden on faculty so that they can focus their time on teaching, service, and research efforts. During an initial pilot earlier this year, institutions demonstrated a time savings of up to 80 percent.

“Typically, it takes a dozen or more hours to import an entire CV, between importing information from databases and copying and pasting from a Microsoft Word document, and many universities reduce that time investment by requiring just the most recent data with an intent to build the dataset going forward; others outsource this work – all of which comes at a cost and use of dedicated resources,” said Didier Hernandez Bizouarn, Director, Faculty Activity Reporting at The University of Texas at El Paso.

“As participants in Watermark’s pilot, we were able to see faculty easily import complete CVs in just about an hour, which is allowing us to have more robust and accurate datasets for accreditation and our other reporting needs, while also significantly reducing the number of info requests we make of our faculty. Just as important, faculty thought it was easy to use and were excited to see the full breadth of their professional work reflected.”

Most institutions continue to struggle with collecting and reporting on comprehensive, up-to-date faculty activity information — a key requirement for accreditation, faculty review, promotion and tenure processes, and strategic reporting. To meet these needs, institutions must make numerous requests of faculty throughout the year to update records, rely on manual entry, and attempt to supplement incomplete records with information from other sources.

Watermark’s CV Imports feature provides faculty with an intuitive interface to upload their CV document and to easily navigate sections to review and adjust the content and ensure it is mapped accurately. Administrators can run reports on the imported data and supplement it with data from integrated online repositories, such as Crossref, PubMed, Web of Science, Scopus, and ORCID. The result is a more accurate and comprehensive reflection of faculty activities across the institution that can be used to celebrate and showcase faculty accomplishments, make more informed faculty evaluation decisions, and simplify accreditation reporting.

“We understand that a CV is the most comprehensive record of a faculty member’s service work, research initiatives, courses taught, external work history and more. In addition to giving both administrators and faculty a fuller view of their professional activities, our CV Imports feature provides institutions with a more effective and efficient approach to collecting, centralizing, and reporting on faculty data. This is the first time any provider has taken steps to drastically ease this specific data collection process, so that faculty and administrators can focus more of their efforts on how to use their data to make improvements, rather than on simply collecting it,” said Matt Bartel, Chief Product Officer for Watermark.

CV Imports is a pivotal step in supporting institutions that want to streamline data collection processes and gather more complete faculty activity data in less time. Watermark currently supports over 1,700 higher education institutions with its innovative solutions for planning, assessment, ePortfolios, faculty activity reporting, course evaluations and institutional surveys, as well as curriculum, catalog, and syllabus management.

To learn how Watermark can support your institutional improvement efforts, visit www.watermarkinsights.com.

Victoria Guzzo
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications

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