E-Portfolios for Students: Digital Portfolio Tips & Tricks for Success

March 16, 2016 Jamie MacLean


Recently, our Account Services Manager, Allison Holt, wrote a blog post on how to envision using e-portfolios at your institution. She posed several questions to consider when embarking on an e-portfolio initiative, including how the e-portfolio initiative could be woven into the students’ experience. e-Portfolios are a great way for students to reflect on their learning, showcase achievements, and highlight all the great work they’ve done throughout their schooling and career. In this blog post, we will share some helpful tips and tricks for how students can use Taskstream to build engaging e-portfolios that bring their reflections, experiences, and accomplishments to life.

Embedding Media into A Watermark Portfolio

Far from simply being a repository of work samples, e-portfolios can take on as many identities as you can think of. Many students use their e-portfolio as a digital scrapbook, storing things like photos, videos, and reflections of experiences that they’ve had. The experiences students have while student teaching, studying abroad, or taking part in extracurricular activities are excellent things to document for themselves and potential employers.

One thing that can really help with the creation of an impactful e-portfolio is our Embed Media tool. Embedding media creates an iframe within your e-portfolio, which will allow you to display media that is housed on different websites. With this tool, you can bring your e-portfolio to life by including photos, videos, and other media from , Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube, Prezi, Soundcloud and other sites.

This tool is especially important when dealing with large files such as very long videos. Unlike attaching a video to your e-portfolio, embedding your video will allow the viewer to play it without having to download a video file.


Example of a video embedded into an e-portfolio

Example of a video embedded into an e-portfolio.

Integrating Social Media into A Watermark Portfolio

Once your e-portfolio is created, Taskstream can provide a number of ways to help you distribute it. Taskstream e-portfolios can be shared with a variety of social media outlets that can help increase the exposure to your work. Such sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You can also publish your e-portfolio to the web, which allows you to present your work in its very own website. In the event any of your work is confidential, e-portfolios that have been published to the web can also be password-protected.

Share Your e-Portfolio

Selecting the “Share” icon will provide you with an assortment of options for sharing your portfolio with others


Putting your e-portfolio to work for you after graduation

A professional e-portfolio can be a great asset to you even after you graduate. In a competitive job market, an e-portfolio that highlights your achievements and experiences can quickly separate you from the crowd. After your Taskstream account expires, you can continue to access and share your published e-portfolio indefinitely.

If you’d like to update your e-portfolio or add new experiences, you can simply renew your Taskstream account to regain access to the full suite of e-portfolio builder tools. You can also use our Pack-it-Up tool to export your e-portfolio and save it locally.

We hope this blog post has given you some insight into the many ways that the Taskstream e-portfolio builder can benefit you. If you have any questions about building e-portfolios in Taskstream, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-311-5656.

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