How to Conquer Three Common Assessment Challenges

January 31, 2022 Tayler Conklin

There’s no need to continue struggling through the assessment process. Read on for solutions to three of the most common assessment challenges.

You Have No Way to Analyze Mass Amounts of Data

Solution: Evaluate learning outcomes through curriculum maps, assessment plans, and insightful dashboards.

Your faculty and staff have done an outstanding job collecting data from all of your courses and programs. A digital solution offers a way to easily analyze that data and keep it from being hidden in filing cabinets, on people’s computers, and in storage boxes.

Watermark Planning & Self-Study allows you to create:

  • Outcome and curriculum maps that quickly identify alignment throughout a program’s courses and activities
  • Assessment plans that document which outcomes are being assessed and their associated measurements
  • Insightful dashboards that paint a holistic picture of learning

Your Assessment Process Involves Duplicate Effort

Solution: Integrate your learning management system (LMS) with your Watermark platform to use existing data and connect planning and measurement.

Everyone wants (and needs) more efficient ways to work. That’s why having a system where you can reuse data rather than enter it multiple times into multiple systems is essential to improving assessment processes.

Watermark Planning & Self-Study saves you time by:

  • Using smart connections to resurface data from other software (like your LMS) into Planning & Self-Study
  • Pulling in data from other Watermark platforms like Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via) and Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua)

You’re Spending Too Much Time and Effort Creating Self-studies for Accreditation Reporting

Solution: Take advantage of templates to guide the self-study process and achieve compliance.

Accreditation reporting can often become disorganized and time-consuming when there isn’t a definitive guide to ease the process.

Watermark Planning & Self-Study helps by:

  • Offering templates for all six regional accreditors as well as a variety of program and professional accreditation bodies
  • Using the standards and requirements of the accreditors as report outlines
  • Updating our templates as accreditors update their standards

Learn More

Watch Three Ways in 30: Simplifying Assessment and Accreditation Planning for a closer look at the helpful features of Watermark’s assessment software.

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