How to Prepare for a Virtual Assessment Site Visit

December 2, 2020 Nikki Kowbel

The pandemic has not only caused a shift in how institutions are handling course assignments and assessments, but has required an adjustment to accreditation visits and processes. Assessment data is still a critical component of a successful accreditation experience, even though the form may be different. Now is the time to reevaluate current processes and build a strong digital foundation that will carry your institution through whatever the future brings – but where should you begin?

Start Early

Wilmington University recently went through a virtual assessment and achieved CAEP accreditation with no Areas for Improvement. “In order to have a successful virtual site visit, we had to be so well prepared,” said Amber Vraim, Data Analyst at Wilmington University. “The key to success was everything that happened for the two-and-a-half years prior to those two days, because there wasn’t time to pull data or do analysis. You have to have it done before the site visit, so you can just pull the information. You can’t create it.”

Go Digital

The Wilmington team had already transitioned from onsite exhibits to a digital assessment and accreditation management system, which proved invaluable when their 2020 assessment moved online. “Admissions procedures, documents, program requirements… every course had a description, generic syllabus, course outlines, rubrics and assessment documents, sample work, teaching artifacts… all of that was in a physical crate,” said Michele Brewer, Chair of Technology, Assessment, and Compliance at Wilmington University. “The key element is building your quality assurance system to feed into the requirements of all those masters that you have to serve in accreditation and compliance. During the virtual visit, it was seamless.”

Learn From the Experts

To learn more about Wilmington University’s virtual assessment experience and hear how Watermark’s accreditation software simplified the process, register for our free webinar on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. The team will share tips and tricks to streamline the assessment process and highlight ways to prepare for your own virtual site visit. You’ll also get details on our upcoming webinar series Breaking It Down: A Master Class in CAEP Accreditation, which will offer a deep dive into each standard for CAEP accreditation along with best practices for evidence collection and reporting.

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