Watermark Partners With Concourse Syllabus to Offer a Comprehensive Syllabus Management Solution

July 25, 2023 Watermark Insights

Watermark is delighted to announce our new, nationwide partnership with Concourse, a leading provider of syllabus management tools in higher education. The goals of our partnership center on ensuring our clients have access to a wide array of resources and solutions to support their needs related to curriculum management, institutional effectiveness, and increasing clarity and convenience for students and faculty. 

"At Watermark, we recognize the critical role that a cohesive syllabus management system plays in higher education,” said Erin Shy, CEO of Watermark. “A well-designed, easily accessible syllabus sets the foundation for a successful academic journey, enabling clear communication of course objectives, expectations, and resources. We believe an effective syllabus creation system is essential for enhancing educational quality and promoting student success."

Concourse Syllabus helps institutions by equipping students with easily obtainable resources that support their learning. The platform’s mobile-forward design also provides students with access to their syllabi from their preferred devices, when and where they need it.

 “As the pioneers of comprehensive syllabus management solutions, we are dedicated to advancing digital accessibility and equity in higher education. We believe the syllabus is foundational to academic achievement, a roadmap that provides students a comprehensive source for the information they need to succeed,”  said Judd Rattner, CEO of Concourse. “Our platform empowers students to easily navigate and access the resources available on campus, fostering a supportive learning environment and promoting their success. Additionally, Concourse enables institutions to centralize and streamline the syllabus management process, facilitating accreditation and compliance efforts by improving accuracy and consistency.”

Providing the best for our clients

With Watermark no longer offering a syllabus management solution, this partnership ensures that clients will have a top syllabus management tool for consideration. Our partnership with Concourse Syllabus gives Watermark clients a great option when seeking to create impact across campus by improving accessibility compliance, optimizing syllabi for accreditation, and facilitating continuous improvement. Improved syllabi also enhance the curriculum management cycle and student learning assessment that Watermark’s own suite of products provides. 

“Syllabus management solutions such as Concourse Syllabus empower institutions to organize, share, and analyze course information in a digitally accessible way. This promotes student success and supports their unique learning needs, while also supporting more robust continuous improvement processes” said Monica Krol, Director of Product Management at Watermark. 

Watermark and Concourse are eager to continue providing our clients with the best tools and services at our disposal, and we see this partnership as an essential part of that endeavor. Learn more about our partner:   

About Concourse Syllabus, by Intellidemia

Since 2007, Concourse has focused on a single mission: improving and streamlining the process of syllabus management. Concourse Syllabus is a comprehensive, cloud-based syllabus management solution for creating, revising, auditing, and discovering syllabi. It provides students, faculty, and administrators with a consistent, accessible, and centralized syllabus experience. An easy-to-use interface, powerful reporting tools, and integration with institutions’ existing systems help to transform the syllabus management process. To learn more about Concourse, visit www.intellidemia.com.


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