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Taskstream and Tk20 have merged!

The future is bright for higher education now that the two leading providers of assessment management solutions have joined forces.

Taskstream and Tk20 were each founded and driven by a mission to help educators improve student and institutional outcomes. As one company, with more than 30 years of combined experience and over 800 partner institutions, we’ll be able to develop new and better solutions more rapidly to meet the changing needs of higher education assessment and accountability.


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Taskstream-Tk20 is now the largest provider of assessment management solutions for higher education

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"With this merger, we'll be better able to serve our partners, support our employees, and achieve our shared mission. We're excited to help more institutions engage in meaningful assessment and help more students achieve their educational goals."

Kevin Michielsen CEO, Taskstream-Tk20

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"I believe that we have found an ideal partner in Taskstream to advance our shared mission to help institutions improve. We have each built highly successful companies with similar visions and values. I can't wait to see what we will be able to accomplish together."

Bhupi Bhasin Tk20 President and Co-Founder

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