4 Ways To Simplify the Accreditation Process

October 16, 2023 Watermark Insights

Obtaining accreditation as an institution of higher learning encourages potential students and their families to place their trust in what you have to offer. By choosing to be evaluated by accrediting bodies, you can demonstrate that your programs meet acceptable levels of quality.

Watermark can help make accreditation simple and eliminate any stress involved. Our accreditation software solution will simplify the process and help you set your institutions apart from the rest.

1. Get Everyone on Board

Because accreditation affects your entire organization, it can help to get all stakeholders on board from the outset. You make everyone stronger when you educate all the parties involved — above and beyond the compliance team and accreditation manager — on the benefits of earning accreditation.

If you choose to use an accreditation software tool to streamline processes, it's crucial to educate your team on how to effectively use the software to help overcome any potential challenges.

2. Keep Your Files in a Central Location

One of the most effective ways to simplify the accreditation process is to keep all of your files in one location. This allows your teammates to easily edit and comment on the same document.

Organization is key throughout the accreditation process since you'll have to continually review all your procedures and policies.

organization is key throughout the accreditation process since you'll have to continually review all your procedures and policies

3. Use an Accreditation Software Tool

Planning & Self-Study is an accreditation software tool built to simplify the accreditation process. Planning & Self-Study helps you streamline your management and assessment by centralizing program review, insights, and planning, pulling data from your existing systems and offering templates for assessment reporting and accreditation.

Our software tool helps you:

  • Bring stakeholders and data together effortlessly
  • Experience free-flowing collaboration with an insights hub
  • Integrate data seamlessly into your decision-making process
  • Unify planning, outcomes, and assessments in a single location
  • See data insights outlined in templates designed for each accrediting body
  • Access ready-made reports, meaning you don't have to build them from scratch
  • See and measure progress over time with a repeatable process that puts everyone on the same page

See for yourself how our software tool makes accreditation simple, or check out our case studies to see what our clients are saying.

4. Create a Reaccreditation Plan

When simplifying the accreditation process, maintenance is just as crucial as the initial survey. Once you've followed the necessary steps to prepare for accreditation, it's essential to establish a maintenance plan. This step is vital because many agencies accredit organizations in cycles.

Accreditation and reaccreditation for your institution represent a continuous process. By streamlining your procedures, you can ensure this process runs smoothly. Keep in mind that, for some institutions, the following requirements must be met during an accreditation award cycle:

  • Maintain compliance with applicable standards
  • Keep up-to-date proofs of compliance on hand
  • Live by the outlined standards
  • Submit an annual report along with the appropriate accreditation continuation fees

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