5 Ways a Survey Solution Connects You With Students & Each Other

March 18, 2020 Kris Babe

Open lines of communication on campus are always vital, but take on an additional importance during times of change or disruption. In addition to ensuring that valuable core processes like course evaluation can continue uninterrupted, the right survey solution can ensure you have your finger on the pulse of student, faculty, and staff sentiment in real-time. Here are the five ways an integrated course evaluation and survey solution will keep your campus connected.

1. Administer surveys and course evaluations online

Paper-based processes are invariably less efficient than digital solutions — and under certain circumstances they’re simply impossible. Your course evaluation data for the Spring and Summer 2020 semesters will inevitably be different from data collected in previous semesters, but it may reveal important information about your institution’s ability to continue supporting high-quality instruction under extreme circumstances. A digital solution ensures that you can support critical processes like course evaluations online, where physical proximity to campus isn’t possible.

2. Integrate seamlessly with your LMS to ease participation and boost response rates

Reach students, faculty, and staff with surveys where they already spend much of their time -- in your LMS. This becomes especially important when you don’t have the benefit of in-class reminders to encourage survey participation. A course evaluation and survey solution should seamlessly integrate with your LMS so those receiving a survey or completing a course evaluation can complete it directly in the LMS, using the device of their choice. LMS integration allows you to give frequent reminders and prompts within the system students and faculty use most, and track response rates in real time to encourage participation.

3. Get immediate insights to guide decision-making

Results matter — and the sooner you receive them, the faster you can use the data to guide decision-making. A survey solution should offer fast, easy online reporting, tailored to distinct roles and processes, so you can act on new information as quickly as needed. Be sure your course evaluation and survey solution:

  • Delivers one-click access to results on any device
  • Lets you aggregate and disaggregate results according to key criteria
  • Makes it easy for administrators to compare results against defined benchmarks
  • Provides the ability to dig deeper into written responses with text analytics
  • Protects access to results so that only the right people see the right information

4. Empower you to act quickly with simple set-up

Consider the questions you have now for students and others that you didn’t have last month: Do you have high-speed internet? How will you access it? What are your accessibility concerns? How can we make online learning more effective for you? The right survey solution gets you up and running quickly, and makes it easy to create the surveys that keep you in tune with students, faculty, and staff. Look for a solution with fast, easy implementation that is easy for administrators, faculty, and students to use.

5. Protect privacy and keep data secure

It’s always important to keep student and faculty data secure — especially when seeking feedback about sensitive topics. Choose a survey solution that allows you to assure students, faculty, and others that their anonymity is protected, and which offers role-based permissions to control access to results. In addition, look for a survey solution that allows you to:

  • Restrict results if a minimum response threshold isn’t met
  • Reopen or reset responses while maintaining the anonymity of the response
  • Control which question results are shared with instructors/administrators

A digital survey and course evaluation solution can provide substantive insights to inform key campus initiatives. Learn how other campuses use a digital solution, and what it’s like to make the move from paper-based SETs to digital. If you’d like to learn more about Watermark’s course evaluation and institutional survey solution, contact us today.

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