Using Watermark Student Learning & Licensure for colleges of education

December 1, 2023 Watermark Insights

Using Watermark Student Learning & Licensure for Colleges of Education

Watermark Student Learning & Licensure — formerly Via — is a game-changer for colleges of education. Through comprehensive data collection, the platform allows you to collect a vast range of evidence related to your student learning outcomes and institutional goals. Students can complete assignments, organize artifacts, and log time for field experiences — all in one location.

Evaluators can assess progress and give students feedback along the way. Learn how Student Learning & Licensure can help enhance your program quality, promote data-driven decision-making, and help your students seamlessly transition from education to practice. 

Streamline requirement tracking

Student Learning & Licensure simplifies requirement tracking, letting you streamline the monitoring and management of licensure requirements for aspiring educators. Use the centralized system to track coursework, field experiences, and other prerequisites to ensure students are well prepared to meet licensure requirements.

The platform allows you to:

  • Group and track students by anticipated graduation date.

  • Gauge candidate performance.

  • Aggregate multiple tools and datasets into one overview.

  • Centralize student data.

  • Get an intuitive, comprehensive look at student performance across the entirety of the program.

Educators can also use data and analytics to identify areas where students might need additional support. By using Student Learning & Licensure, you get a holistic view of student progress, making it easier for faculty and administrators to support students’ learning and assess course and program  effectiveness. Overall, the system can help you improve program quality and enhance graduate readiness for licensure exams and careers in education. 

Make easy placements

Student Learning & Licensure can help your institution efficiently assign and coordinate detailed placements for clinical programs and gather assessments directly from supervisors, all in one system.

This solution can also help you achieve seamless student placements in the field. Placement coordinators can efficiently build a network of sites and site staff to facilitate the placement process. Match students with mentors and supervisors. Leverage automated notifications to external mentors to initiate the field experience.

Use Student Learning & Licensure to make placements easier and enhance the transition from preparation to practice. 

Simplify documentation of evidence

Student Learning & Licensure offers 360-degree insights into student learning from the classroom to the field, all in one place. The platform allows you to organize student evidence to understand achievement of student learning outcomes and accreditation standards, making it easily accessible for accreditation reports, audits, and program reviews.

With customizable assessment tools and data analytics, you can ensure all student evidence aligns precisely with accreditation standards, simplifying the documentation process and aiding in compliance. Student Learning & Licensure can help you efficiently manage evidence, promoting transparency, accountability and the seamless demonstration of program quality to accrediting bodies. 

Enhance data presentation

Colleges of education can leverage Student Learning & Licensure to gather data easily and present artifacts and evidence in engaging formats. This gives learners and administrators alike tools to better understand and articulate results, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement in student learning. 

This capability aids in highlighting the achievements of early starters in graduate degree programs, making their journey transparent and demonstrative of their readiness for licensure exams and successful careers.  With learning tools interoperability (LTI) integration, it’s easy to facilitate assessment of student learning without leaving the learning management system (LMS). Incorporate rubric-based assessments, ePortfolios, and other signature assignments right where students work, and pass back results to your LMS gradebook. Students can also tap these artifacts to build ePortfolios that convey their skills and knowledge for employment and other pursuits.

Faculty will have access to immediate-level reporting to track student progress, while admins can run rubric reports and standards and view data in various formats, including longitudinally, demographically and comparatively. 

Customize your assessments

Build your unique assessment rubrics and criteria into Student Learning & Licensure and use these common rubrics across assignments, courses, and programs to continuously monitor student progress, program effectiveness, and institutional performance. A data-driven assessment system allows you to make timely adjustments and improvements aligned with your strategic objectives as well as external standards, like accreditation or licensure standards. 

With flexible assessment tools, you can evaluate students effectively on the skills and knowledge they need for success. Data and analytics let you refine your assessments continuously, optimizing the learning experience and enhancing student readiness for licensure.

Compare data across programs

Student Learning & Licensure empowers you to provide expanded reporting capabilities to compare data across programs, demographics, and more. Go beyond compliance-related drivers of continuous improvement with a deeper understanding of your students’ experiences and insights that pinpoint opportunities to improve effectiveness.

Compare Data Across Programs

The platform allows for informed decision-making, promotes program excellence, and supports your faculty in improving educational outcomes and meeting accreditation standards.

Coordinate activities among supervisors, teachers, and site staff

The ePortfolios generated from our platform support collaborative assessment efforts, allowing your institution's faculty, administrators, and supervisors to work together to collect, analyze, and interpret data. This collaborative approach aligns with the accreditation principle of shared governance and responsibility. 

Use data to support additional initiatives 

Student Learning & Licensure can have versatile applications. Beyond accreditation, you can generate reports to evaluate student learning outcomes; foster diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; and support various educational programs.

Collaboration with the Educator Disposition Assessment (EDA) provides tailored tools for assessing candidate dispositions across diverse programs, from educator preparation and leadership to online courses. Each EDA package includes: 

  • An assessment rubric.

  • A thorough technical manual.

  • Expert-led calibration sessions.

  • Ongoing training opportunities.

Additionally, our partnership with the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity extends the benefits, ensuring equitable access and preparedness for underserved students on their educational journey and beyond. 

Empower student success

Colleges of education can use Student Learning & Licensure to empower student success. The Gateways module provides a holistic overview of student performance throughout a program, from start to finish. Manage curricular and non-curricular requirements, store student documentation needed for field placement and accreditation, and quickly understand whether students have met program requirements and are making progress toward licensure, all in one place.

Students also benefit from increased clarity around expectations, sequence and status. And faculty and administrators gain the real-time information they need in order to provide students with timely advising and support to navigate dependencies and overcome blockers.

See our solutions in action

Student Learning & Licensure can help you elevate your institution's capacity to track student progress, streamline accreditation processes, and empower student success. Take the first step toward a data-driven, efficient, and student-centric approach to education. 

Learn more about Student Learning & Licensure or request a demo today to see how these solutions can improve your institution's operations and support long-lasting student success.

See Our Solutions in Action

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