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October 9, 2023 Watermark Insights

There are many benefits to using a single solution to plan your assessment strategy, from organizing rubric-based assessment projects to data collection. By having all your assessment data and rubrics in one place, you can streamline dynamic reporting and identify fundamental areas of improvement. Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects was created exclusively for higher education to make it easier for institutions to sample and assess student artifacts.

Easily Organize Rubric-based Assessment Projects

The Outcomes Assessment Projects dashboard gives you a single place to monitor all aspects of your assessment projects, giving you quick access to each of your projects, the outcomes you are measuring, and their aligned and standardized rubrics. From your dashboard, you can drill down into any of your current projects and view its full scope.

The solution also gives you total flexibility over rubric selection. As an evaluator, you can choose any of our available rubric templates or create a custom rubric for your project, which can then be reused to save you time in the future.

Calibrate a Pool of Evaluators to Easily Assess Learning Outcomes

Outcomes Assessment Projects also makes it easy to standardize the assessment process for all evaluators, so they can easily access learning outcomes and rubrics. Assessors can quickly assess student artifacts from a communal pool and swiftly capture results. The use of common rubrics streamlines assessment data collection and creates a consistent foundation for collaboration.

Evaluators will only see the work they need to complete in the system, avoiding confusion and distraction and allowing them to focus. Evaluators can also see which outcomes are measured in targeted courses right where they complete their evaluations for that specific course, and it's easy to toggle between evaluations for an assessor-friendly experience.

The system also supports committees of evaluators, and it’s simple for administrators to track each evaluator’s activity and progress for each project and its outcomes.

Easily Access the Assessment Data You Need

Watermark’s import feature makes it possible to quickly and easily bring in course and user data by swiftly sourcing student artifacts from your Learning Management System (LMS). Direct integration with your LMS creates greater accuracy because it’s tied to real-time data, ensuring you get the correct information and student artifacts related to that specific course.

Identify Key Areas of Improvement

After assessment evaluations are complete, you can quickly capture and export key metrics regarding student assessment and success. Before you export, you can even apply additional filters to your results to refine the insights; for example, you can factor in the distribution of scores so you can view the upper and lower quartiles of your evaluations, or display results based on student demographic information. These dynamic filters make it simple to create comparison views and reports on standards and outcomes.

Finally, when you are ready to export your final results, you can choose to export via PDF or a CSV file (if you would like to see the assessment data in raw form). Whichever format you choose, you’ll be able to readily identify key areas of improvement to boost student success at your institution.

Align Your Assessment Strategy

Watermark makes it easy to create a holistic assessment strategy for your institution. You can easily integrate the results captured in Outcomes Assessment Projects with your assessment plan in Watermark Planning & Self-Study for accreditation or curriculum strategy purposes.

See For Yourself!

To see these features in action, check out our 30-minute Watermark Solution Tour: Outcomes Assessment Projects. Watermark's Educational Impact Suite (EIS) offers solutions to help you gather insights to inspire progress and collaborate across campus. 

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