The Winners of the Taskstream Bloggy Awards Are…

September 18, 2023 Lauren O'Brien

It’s officially Award Season! The Golden Globes just took place, the Grammy’s are a few weeks away, and there’s another ceremony that has everyone buzzing. No, it’s not the Academy Awards (sorry, La La Land). It was the First Annual Taskstream Bloggy Awards!

As many of our avid readers already know, the Taskstream blog launched March 2015 and currently has over 70 posts that share strategies and practical tips and tricks for advancing meaningful assessment and using Taskstream to get better data to improve learning.   The blog has incorporated many different voices, from thought leaders in higher education to assessment practitioners and members of the Taskstream team.

blogging awards by watermarkWe have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from members of the community who frequent the Taskstream blog, so we wanted to take some time to recognize our blog contributors and some of the standout posts from 2016. All blog authors were awarded one of the most coveted prizes – a custom designed Taskstream Blog mug! If you have written a post for us or write one in the future, we will be sending you your very own!

Three Reader’s Choice Awards were awarded and voted on by members of the Taskstream team and community. We have two main sections of the blog: Idea Exchange and Tips and Tricks. Idea Exchange posts discuss important topics, themes, and best practices related to assessment and education. Tips and Tricks posts provide practical information related to assessment, accreditation, and our solutions. We wanted to honor a post from each of these sections. In addition, we also wanted to recognize an author outside of the Taskstream team who contributed a thoughtful and engaging post. There were several fantastic posts from Taskstream authors and contributors at partner institutions and organizations, so we’re sure this was an extremely tough decision for many. And the winners of these 3 categories are…

Idea Exchange Reader’s Choice AwardIdea Exchange Reader’s Choice Award

“This Little Piggy: Change vs. Improvement and Other Dilemmas of Assessment”

by Dara Wexler and Matthew Gulliford of Taskstream

winners of the taskstream blog awards
 Tips and Tricks Reader’s Choice Award

“Getting Faculty ‘On Board’ with Assessment”

by Michelle Curtis of Taskstream

Top Collaborator Reader’s Choice Award

“What’s in a plan? Everything! How UK is Moving Assessment Forward through Intentional Planning”

by Tara Rose of University of Kentucky

If you have not had a chance to read the winning posts, please check them out!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share their ideas and insights with the higher ed community! Also, thank you to all of our dedicated readers. We’re excited to share more great posts and resources with the community in 2017. Please feel free to reach out if you have any ideas for the blog or if you’re interested in contributing. You could be one of next year’s nominees!

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