How change in higher ed was addressed at CollabEx Live!

September 18, 2023 Webster Thompson

Wow, what a great four days! Special thanks to all who attended and helped make 2015 Taskstream CollabEx Live! at New York University’s Kimmel Center a smashing success.

It was an honor to be joined by our all-star lineup of featured speakers – Arthur Levine, Ken Bain, Natasha Jankowski, Linda Suskie, Terry Rhodes and Marilee Bresciani-Ludvik – who inspired the hundreds in attendance and gave us insight into today’s students, how we can improve student learning, and ways we can cultivate and sustain effective assessment practices.

I was inspired by the overwhelming feeling of community and shared mission that was evident throughout the conference. It seems everywhere I turned members of the Taskstream community were learning together and sharing their experiences, challenges, and best practices in the spirit of improving student learning, our institutions and community.

I left the meeting energized with a renewed sense that the work our community is doing to advance assessment and the evolution of our products and offerings are absolutely on target.

While CollabEx Live! has come to a close, we are all still on this journey together and there will be numerous opportunities to continue to learn from each other and share promising practices for advancing assessment and improving student learning. We hope to see all of you at the many events that we participate in and host throughout the year. As many of you have already seen, we have also launched a new Resource Library that includes recordings of webinars, downloadable conference presentations, case studies, and blog posts that we hope will provide you with information and inspiration. If you were unable to attend CollabEx Live!, we’re sorry we missed you! Please be sure to check out the resource library for all of the featured and breakout sessions in the upcoming weeks.

To be sure, the road ahead is paved with the pain of change. We all have the opportunity, not the burden, to shoulder – and to encourage those around us to shoulder – this pain. The opportunity to make a difference is a gift and it is sitting in front of all of us. Change starts with us.

Webster Thompson, co-founder and President of Taskstream, leads Taskstream’s work with educational institutions across the country, meeting their evolving educational and assessment needs through the innovative use of e-portfolio and assessment management systems. Webster coordinates the activities of the development, integration, sales, and support teams to ensure that Taskstream’s products and services continue to address the ever-growing needs of educational institutions. Prior to forming Taskstream, Webster was a principal and lead designer/programmer with New Technology Collaborative, Inc., an educational software company. Webster holds a degree in Philosophy from Franklin and Marshall College.

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