Manage Student Submissions Easily in Aqua

April 19, 2017 Andrea Costa

I’m happy to share some new enhancements in Aqua that make managing student submissions easier than ever. With a nip here and tuck there, we reorganized the Manage Submissions functionality with some helpful options that provide greater flexibility in your workday. After loading student rosters in Aqua, you can:

  • Add and map corresponding student artifacts individually, or…
  • Sit back and let Aqua automagically map files in bulk for you!

A Hands-On Approach for Data DIYers

The Add Roster feature keeps you in the driver’s seat and works around your schedule. Aqua gives you the flexibility to load student lists for assignment rosters first, and then upload student artifacts anytime later.

When adding rosters manually, you’ll be prompted for a .csv file mapping students to their enrollments. Aqua then loads the list of students for the assignment, to which you can attach student artifacts anytime.

1. Begin by pressing the Add Roster button in the Manage Evidence section of Aqua.

2. When prompted, upload your .csv file to map students to their enrollments.

3. Add Roster will create or match students and display them in a list.

4. Drag and drop artifacts to map students to their enrollments, before submitting students for scoring.

An Automagical Approach to Managing Data

If DIY isn’t your preferred approach, then you’ll appreciate the new Bulk Upload feature in Aqua. This enhancement lets you avoid the tedium of managing submissions individually and puts time back in your day by doing the heavy lifting for you.

Simply upload the student roster, their enrollments and a .zip file of artifacts, and Aqua takes it from there. The new Bulk Upload functionality quickly and efficiently matches students (in bulk) to their respective artifacts, automatically creates the submissions, and attaches artifacts to the student as mapped in the .csv file.

1. Start by selecting either a clean or existing roster, and then click the Bulk Upload (CSV + ZIP) button.

2. Add the .csv file of students, enrollments, and mapped artifacts and the .zip with all of the artifact files.

3. Bulk Upload will create or match the students, attach the correct artifact file, and display them on a list. The files can be reviewed, and the students can be submitted for scoring when ready.

Whether you’re more inclined to roll up your sleeves and meet your data head-on, or prefer to bask in the highly-efficient glow of glorious automation, having options is its own reward. Today’s enhancements to Aqua not only introduce new ways to approach your workday, they will also simplify your day and ease your workload—regardless of the approach you choose to take.

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