New Design Improvements to LAT…and more to come!

September 18, 2023 Jeff Reid

This week we are releasing a major new update to our Learning Achievement Tools (LAT) that will bring a refreshed interface and a host of usability improvements across the product (you might like to think of them as little “Easter eggs” as we head into spring).

Whether you are saying, “It’s about time!” or “I like LAT just the way it is,” this update is for you! The good news is that you will find all the features and workflows you rely on mostly undisturbed. No need to re-train faculty and students. What you will find is improved readability and information display, better access to the most important actions on pages and an improved overall look-and-feel.

Most importantly, this is just the start of many more improvements to come. We chose to focus on bringing our products up to higher and more consistent design standards first, and also took additional care to improve the usability of some critical activities in the system. We have a similar update planned for AMS coming up soon and a long list of improvements to both solutions queued up for the year ahead!

Here are some highlights of the improvements to LAT:

Homepage: On the home page, and elsewhere in the product, you will find an updated header and navigation that helps to anchor the screen and focus users on the main content areas. Users can more easily see information and the actions they need to take.

evaluate a program with LAT improvements by taskstream and watermark
Submissions: When students submit work, they will see instructions for the submissions more clearly, along with the actions for adding content to their work.

general education portfolio assessment program by watermark and taskstream

Evaluation: Within the evaluation grid, scorers can easily scroll through multiple requirements and lists of students.

show release options for new design improvements to LAT

Editing Instructions: It’s a little thing, but we made life easier for coordinators authoring and editing instructions. We updated the editor to one that not only has improved layout and controls, but better handles pasting from other sources, including Microsoft Word. We plan to update other parts of our products with this editor in the coming months.

directions editor with improvements to LAT by watermark

We look forward to hearing your feedback and sharing more about the updates we have planned for the rest of 2017 and beyond!

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