Paying it Forward One Meal at a Time

October 6, 2017 Jessica Fillingame

After fully implementing a Taskstream-Tk20 solution, we hold “graduation meetings” for clients to nail down any open issues, evaluate initial data collected, and examine a variety of useful reports to hit the ground running. These meetings go a long way toward ensuring clients have the foundation they need to confidently use (and train others to use) their new system in every corner of campus. Essentially, graduation meetings facilitate and celebrate client success.

To expand on this idea of collectively enabling success, we decided to tie graduation meetings internally to a good cause externally.

When brainstorming ways to connect these otherwise disparate dots, we found inspiration among the many acts of kindness exhibited by Taskstream-Tk20 team members in their everyday lives. To align the good being done in our local community with our larger client community, we partnered with a non-profit to deliver a meal to needy folks in the area on behalf of each school that attended a graduation meeting. Needless to say, our client community responded to this initiative with the utmost appreciation and support.

From the moment we arrived and repeatedly throughout the day, the volunteering experience was incredible. Everyone we met was excited to have us and truly passionate about what they do. The onboarding process was efficient, thorough, and concise. Once we were fully oriented, we were given direction in great detail, complete with color-coded meals to ensure specific dietary needs were met.

From a full day of small wins and countless smiles, one thing stood out: Conversing with volunteers like us was some of the only human contact many of the folks in need would get that day. Not only were we delivering food, but also a friendly face and conversation to help them get through the week.

The gravity of that realization parallels the importance of giving back to the communities we call our own. Whether through charity, education, time, or all of the above, we have a responsibility to serve the greater good that shapes and defines our respective “homes.”

In the end, this entire experience was incredibly humbling. Seeing so many moving parts seamlessly come together, watching strangers go out of their way to help others, and being readily supported by everyone around echoed what it’s like to work for Taskstream-Tk20—and why I love working here.

Taskstream-Tk20 team members donate time to deliver meals on behalf of higher ed institutions.

Jermaine Hernandez, Taskstream-Tk20 Implementation Consultant, prepares to deliver meals to Central Texans in need.

Brent Peaslee, Taskstream-Tk20 Implementation Consultant, volunteers to provide meals to seniors in need.

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