Sunny Side Up: My Personal Experience with Taskstream’s Mentoring Services

June 16, 2015 Melissa Helvey

Like many of you, I’ve heard companies and organizations rave about their customer focus and wonderful client support. I can’t say I blame them – stellar customer service, especially when it comes to something technical or something that may require hands-on learning – is essential to client success. However in the past, more times than not I was disappointed – I would try and reach one of their “friendly associates” and enter a round of automated messages and extension battles, that would end with me spending more time talking to a voice activated computer than a person. So when I was on the consumer-end and told of Taskstream’s wonderful Mentoring Services support, I was a skeptic to say the least. As the Associate Director of Programmatic Assessment with a large menu of outcomes to assess, I knew I needed to learn the “ins and outs” of Taskstream as well as teach the system to others. I knew that my aggressive initiative would put Taskstream’s claim of unparalleled support to the test.

Needless to say for all those that are current Taskstream clients, I wasn’t disappointed. From my first “getting started” call to full implementation of our programs within Taskstream, Mentoring Services (specifically, Diana Romer and Beth Ortiz) were there for me and my team every step of the way. For instance, when I was trying to collaborate with colleagues from literally all over the world and get everyone on the same page in terms of rubric development, Diana was there to assist with her expertise and dedication to client success. My University was unique in many ways, from the student population to our faculty and administrators, but that didn’t faze Mentoring Services in the least. They were there for us 7-days a week (even for my Sunday calls!) and Diana and Beth were amazing in assisting with training faculty and students within the system. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with: they were professional, prompt in response, answered the phone (no automated messages), didn’t make me feel incompetent when I asked “dumb” questions and most of all – were always friendly. It is like the “sunny side” was always up with Taskstream – I always felt great and motivated after talking with them.

Now as a very happy employee of Taskstream, I can say that the relationships I made as a customer have definitely turned into friendships. Meeting Diana and Beth for the first was like greeting and hugging old friends. The Mentoring Services team are definitely all they’re cracked-up to be and more. For those attending our CollabEx conference this June, I am sure you will feel similarly to me when greeting your Mentoring Services friends. And for those new to Taskstream, I welcome you to the family! As you will soon see, you will be gaining relationships in the industry that will take you far. And this is definitely a sunny outcome.

Melissa joined the Taskstream team in 2014. She comes from a client institution (Northcentral University), where she was the Associate Director of Programmatic Assessment. Melissa works with institutions that are looking for a way to manage their assessment process, collect and act upon data, and close the loop through data-driven solutions. She also helps clients understand the tools, what they offer, and will be providing training to administrators, faculty and students where needed. Melissa is based in Scottsdale, AZ.

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