Watermark’s Mohali Office Holds Largest Hackathon to Date

September 18, 2023 Andy Glassman

Recently, our Watermark office in Mohali, India held its first hackathon of 2019. With a record 13 teams and more than 50 participants, it was Watermark’s largest hackathon to date. The teams developed a wide variety of interesting projects, ranging from smart chatbots, to alien invaders, to lending a helping hand.

Why hack?

At Watermark, we hold multiple hackathons throughout the year to cultivate innovative use of technology. We believe that providing engineers time to dive deep into topics they are interested in provides impressive results. Don’t take our word for it—check out the projects and feedback from participating engineers!

“It’s been a great experience for me. We worked very hard as a team to showcase our skills. It was a wonderful experience to work on something different from daily work.” Dinesh Kaushik

“This is not just fun but a great opportunity to work on any project or technology we ever wanted to or wish for. Plus this also gives us a chance to showcase skills that we may not normally use.” Keshav Sharma

“[It was] a great way to learn new things with hands on experience. It was nice to collaborate with individuals from different teams.” Sarina Pabla


watermark mohali office hackathon
Team: Amit Srivastava, Deepak Kumar Jha, Anshul Pathneja, Navpreet, Sahil Sharma
Description: Budgie is a retrieval based chatbot that uses context, user input, and a database of responses to respond to user inquiries. It can also perform tasks for the user, such as sending email.
Technologies Used: Built using Phoenix, Elixir, Ecto, and Web Sockets.

Galaxy Defenders

Team: Keshav Sharma, Dinesh Kaushik, Vishal Banga
Description: When the galaxy is threatened by dark forces, when all life is shrouded in a cloud of fear and chaos, a ray of hope, the only white in all the blackness is this group of common folk; they may not have any superpowers; what they lack in other worldly abilities, they more than make up with their determination, acute observation, and shrewdness; in them, our world and galaxy have a force they can depend on and get behind…GALAXY DEFENDERS
Technologies Used: JavaScript, phaser.io


Watermark Bulletin Board

watermark bulletin board example
Team: Gourav Gupta, Sachin Saxena, Kritika Gupta, Aditya Chaturvedi, Shweta Gupta, Rashmi Mittal, Kashish Bhateja
Description: Watermark Bulletin Board is a public electronic forum that allows Watermark employees to post or read requirements/queries/posts.
Technologies Used: JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JSON Server

Helping Hands

helping hands - connecting people who care with watermark solutions
Team: Mansi Gupta, Sudhir Kumar Naphray, Naincy Saini, Shivam Kashyap, Anjali Rauthan, Sarina Pabla
Description: A web application which will help Non Governmental Organizations collect leftover food from restaurants.
Technologies Used: Elixir, Phoenix

Task Bucket

task tracking web application that provides task collaboration, progress tracking, notifications, reminders. watermark hackathon
Team: Manish Sharma, Mohit Jindal, Sachin Mehta, Nishant Gupta
Description: A task tracking web application that provides task collaboration, progress tracking, notifications, reminders. It is lightweight and has an easy-to-use, intuitive design.
Technologies Used: Elm, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, SMTP


basic calculator using blazor - watermark hackathon
Team: Shubham, Priya Chadha, Puneet Arora, Savita Chaudhary, Mudit Sharma, Charanjit Singh
Description: We built a single-page calculator application.
Technologies Used: Blazor (C#, Razor, Web Assembly)

API Testing Framework

API testing using rest assured with watermark
Team: Kashish Bhateja
Description: In the agile development world, requirements are changing, and release cycles are short. GUI tests are more difficult to maintain according to those changes. Thus, API level testing is critical to test application logic. The API Testing Framework automates testing of REST APIs.
Technologies Used: Java, Maven, TestNG, Rest Assured, Extent Reports, Jenkins

Common Test Platform (CTP)

Common Test Platform (CTP) watermark hackathon
Team: Chandrasehar Jangam, Gaurav Dang, Rajeev Sharma, Ritesh Jagga, Nayan Kumar
Description: CTP provides infrastructure for E2E product testing, independent of product development language. CTP reduces execution time and maintains historical data to measure progress of product improvements.
Technologies Used: Rails, Bootstrap, SQLite3, AWS S3, AWS Lambda


Accessible-Authn for watermark hackathon
Team: Rajeev Sharma, Navpreet Kaur, Pradeep Rawat, Pritpal Singh
Description: In this project we have demonstrated the Web-Authn mechanism, along with an AWS Lex chatbot. The chatbot in the application makes it easier for the user to interact with the application and get things done.
Technologies Used: WebAuthn, Amazon Lex

BMI Calculator

bmi calculator for watermark hackathon project
Team: Ameet Kumar
Description: A web app that calculates your BMI number, and provides health improvement plans.
Technologies Used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

AWS Media Service

AWS Media Service project example for watermark hackathon
Team: Hitesh Banyal, Sandeep Patial
Description: An introduction of “video on demand” with the new AWS media service.
Technologies Used: AWS Elastic Transcoder, AWS Element Media Convert, Java

Wallet Payment System Process

Wallet Payment System Process for watermark hackathon
Team: Bittu Bharti
Description: Implementation of a program that features users, credit cards, and payment feeds.
Technologies Used: Java, Swing

Watermark Forums

watermark forums example from watermark hackathon
Team: Aditya Chaturvedi, Satish Kumar, Deepinder Singh
Description: Every day we search the web to find solutions to our technical problem. As we are working on relatively new technologies, sometimes it becomes really tough to find a good solution to our problem. Watermark Forums is a place to find answers for all of your technical queries. Users can search for any question, add a new question, or answer other users’ questions.
Technologies Used: Elixir, Phoenix, Phoenix Channels, Elm

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