Welcome to the Taskstream Blog!

September 18, 2023 Webster Thompson

Welcome to the Taskstream Blog! This blog is intended not only to communicate information about what is happening at Taskstream, but also to provide a new forum to raise and discuss issues important to our community of assessment, accreditation and e-portfolio practitioners.

For those of us who have been involved in education for any reasonable amount of time (I won’t mention the number of decades in my case), we have seen tremendous change and a period of uncertainty that all would agree is unprecedented. Politics, culture, compliance, student success, academic freedom, law, accountability, competitiveness, learning, advancement, technology, data etc. are all woven together in a truly fascinating way. Those who find themselves in the middle of this work know there is something special about now.

I would also add that there are some caught in the center of this change who may find it difficult to focus on what really matters. Some old philosopher said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Some argue the bitter aspect of this quote, but we get the point. I’d like to hijack this quote (I’m sure Aristotle’s estate won’t come after me since he’s been dead for a couple thousand years) and apply it to our collective situation:

The roots of change are bitter but the fruit is sweet.

As our community forges a path in search of best practices, change management strategies, solutions to often amorphous issues like culture, leadership and what motivates us, let us not forget that ultimately, the success of our learners will always be the best compass.

Welcome to the Taskstream blog.

Webster Thompson, co-founder and President of Taskstream, leads Taskstream’s work with educational institutions across the country, meeting their evolving educational and assessment needs through the innovative use of e-portfolio and assessment management systems. Webster coordinates the activities of the development, integration, sales, and support teams to ensure that Taskstream’s products and services continue to address the ever-growing needs of educational institutions. Prior to forming Taskstream, Webster was a principal and lead designer/programmer with New Technology Collaborative, Inc., an educational software company. Webster holds a degree in Philosophy from Franklin and Marshall College.

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