Join us to learn how you can ease reporting on faculty qualifications for accreditation with Digital Measures by Watermark. In this webinar, Andrew Wiech, Client Success Manager, will discuss two approaches to documenting faculty qualifications, and how you can use Digital Measures to capture what’s needed for your regional accreditor (which means you’ll have it available to share with programmatic accreditation as well!).

He’ll also show you how Digital Measures eases faculty annual reviews and promotion and tenure, and can automatically update faculty web profiles with the accomplishments your faculty wish to showcase.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine the best approach to documenting faculty qualifications based on your institution’s needs
  • Document professional development, high-impact practices, experiential learning, and other achievements of interest to accreditors
  • Ease reporting, review processes, web profiles updates, and more
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Andrew Wiech
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Watermark Staff