A Fresh New Look for AMS

September 18, 2023 David Kelley

We’re thrilled to announce some exciting enhancements to the Accountability Management System (AMS) coming tomorrow!

About the Release

AMS organizes everything you need in a central home for easier management of institution-wide improvement processes, outcomes assessment, program review, and accreditation. The upcoming release preserves the robust functionalities institutions trust from the AMS system—with a fresh, new user interface (UI) that’s as easy on the eyes as it is to navigate.

Streamlined Interface

The redesigned UI features a clean layout and standardized color palette for consistency and continuity across the system. This improves the user experience with easier navigation, improved frames of reference, and clearer paths to next steps.

Improving many elements of the AMS system, enhancements to the interface will make it easier to discern:

  • Critical pieces of information from secondary information
  • Hierarchy of information on a page
  • Which tasks need attention

School Logos

Want to make AMS one of your own? No problem! You can custom-brand the new interface with your institution’s logo in the system header.

Get up close and personal with the new UI with this helpful video tutorial, and check out these screenshots for a look at the updated AMS interface:

The new AMS Homepage example interface

The new AMS Homepage features clear calls to action in bold type and darker, more prominent buttons, with a contrast of colors to white space to direct your attention to the working area of the screen.

Streamlined AMS Workspaces with watermark solutions

Streamlined AMS Workspaces direct you more quickly and intuitively to areas needing attention, facilitate next steps, and differentiate navigation and structure from content and tools.

B.S. in accounting curriculum map example by watermark for AMS

Updated AMS Curriculum Maps have easy-to-find options at the top of the page to show Outcomes Descriptions and Course or Activity Details.

These improvements not only help make the AMS user experience more engaging for everyone—they also set the stage for improvements to come.

Please feel free to contact our Mentoring Services team at 800-311-5656 or help@taskstream.com if you have any questions about your AMS system.

Want in on the action? Let us know if you’d like more information about how AMS can help advance assessment at your institution.

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