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Meeting Students Where They Are

September 22, 2022 Watermark Insights

Watermark (formerly Aviso Retention) partnered with Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) for their research project that aimed to evaluate data-informed student success coaching and how it can augment the impact of broader student success efforts in North Carolina Community Colleges. CCCC also partnered with nine other North Carolina Community Colleges and organizations including DVP-PRAXIS LTD and JFF to achieve these results.

Success coaches help students meet their personal and academic goals, improve study skills, manage their time, and address life balance needs. They are able to achieve this through the use of data to identify who is at risk and needs support. This way, coaches can utilize their time wisely and are able to dedicate that time to getting to know their students. Technology is a backbone and driver behind student success coaching. Watermark provides the data that enables efficiency and allows coaches to focus on coaching.

Carolina Works colleges use Watermark as an early alert and case management tool. Predictive analytics identify students for outreach and the technology also manages information and communication between coaches, faculty, and other staff. The technology helps coaches spend most of their time interacting with students and makes it easier for them to know who needs assistance.

Now in its fourth year, this study is being published to share the knowledge of what has been learned about success coaching.

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