Community Colleges face unique challenges in building and supporting an approach to assessment that engages faculty (including adjuncts), navigating the murky waters of programmatic assessment (including program definition) and career and technical education spaces, aligning to various articulation agreements or transfer partnerships, and sustaining it all in a culture of improvement.

Join us for a panel discussion moderated by Natasha Jankowski from NILOA and featuring speakers from South Piedmont Community College, Frederick Community College, and Bay Mills Community College where we explore these challenges, and the approaches these institutions use to support assessment on campus.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Engage faculty in a culture of improvement
  • Define and assess things that aren’t “traditional” programs
  • Assess CTE
  • Ensure student success as they advance to 4-year institutions or swirl
  • Use technology to streamline and support assessment
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Jill Millard
South Piedmont Community College
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Dr. Jacob Ashby
Frederick Community College
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Kathy Adair
Bay Mills Community College
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Watermark Staff