How can colleges and universities use technology to systematically shift how they engage with students? Given the challenges facing higher education, small change is no longer sufficient. Instead, institutions need to engage in transformative reform–deeper, more cross-cutting, and multi-faceted reform. Technology can help create this type of change, but it’s not easy.

This webinar will use research on technology-mediated reforms to share insights into the transformative change process. Participants will learn what transformative change is, what it might look like in the teaching and learning space, and how colleges and universities have approached this type of reform to successfully redesign the student experience.

Participants will also come away with concrete suggestions for engaging in transformation on their own campuses, including how to develop a clear vision for reform; who needs to be at the table and when; and suggestions for successful vendor support.

Headshot of Melinda Karp
Melinda Karp
Commmunity College Research Center at Columbia University