Facing an accreditation visit? No need for fear or panic! Regional and programmatic accreditors often provide guidance on how to best meet their standards. With proper planning and preparation, you can use the accreditation process to establish strong quality assurance systems and a culture of continuous improvement.

The presenters will share examples of reports that have been submitted to SACSCOC and CAEP to show how they have been improved by removing subjective language, and using consistent terminology and a unified voice. They will discuss specific strategies and tips for report writing that helps you tell your institution’s story.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Proven strategies to help you decode accreditation standards so all stakeholders understand exactly what is expected of them
  • How to demonstrate success of these expectations using consistent and specific language that underscores the processes and evidence of continuous improvement efforts
  • Distinguish between subjective and objective accreditation language
  • Apply concepts to create a unified and coherent report
Dr. Erin Harrel
JRM Transforming Education
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Dr. Sally Ingles
JRM Transforming Education
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