The team at UMass Amherst worked with Taskstream on a portfolio pilot to complement their “SBS Pathways” philosophy, which integrates advising and curriculum and helps students be more intentional in their academic and future planning.

The portfolio system uses two components: 1) An inward-facing platform for growth, exploration, and reflection that students complete over their undergraduate career, and 2) an outward-facing professional portfolio that allows students to collect, curate, and publicly share their work.  Join us to learn how, together, these two pieces encourage students to:

  • Participate in academic, co-curricular, experiential, and professional development opportunities that build success at UMass and beyond
  • Recognize the competencies they gain at UMass (through a competency self-assessment)
  • Understand the importance of self-reflection as a component of growth and learning; and to better understand who they want to be in the world.


About the Speaker:
Jackie Brousseau-Pereira is Director of Student Success and Retention in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In that role, she oversees the College’s first year seminars, manages programs for traditionally underrepresented students, and is part of the team that’s developing the SBS Pathways initiative – a 4+year framework that helps students to walk through their college career with a holistic and integrative perspective. UMass is working with Taskstream on a pilot portfolio tool that serves as a scaffold for this program.

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Jackie Brousseau-Pereira
University of Massachusetts Amherst